Dave Perry


Dave Perry, a graduate of Massachusetts State University at Worcester, retired in 1995 as the Assistant Vice President of Southern Regional Operations for Continental Insurance Company after 30 years of service in that industry. Dave has been actively researching the murder of President John F. Kennedy for over 40 years and has published numerous articles on his investigation of various facets of the assassination at davesjfk.com.


He is a former Texas licensed claims adjuster. He holds the American Educational Institute's Senior Claims Law Associate designation, is a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, a past president of the Colleyville Texas Evening Rotary, and former Director of the Grapevine Police Departmentís Volunteers in Police Service.


He has provided research materials to numerous authors including John McAdams for JFK Assassination Logic, Hugh Aynesworth for JFK Breaking the News and Vincent Bugliosi for Reclaiming History.

He was a credited research consultant for PBS Frontlineís 1993 documentary Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald. In 2003 he was an on camera consultant to the Discovery Channel's Unsolved History - JFK Conspiracy Myths and the 2008 production of JFK: Inside the Target Car. In 2013 he appeared on the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination KERA/PBS's McCuistion Program, as well as, the Military Channel's (now American Heroes Channel) documentary Capturing Oswald.

In 2018 he appeared on KERA/PBS McCuistion discussing the Origins of the National Security State and CIA FBI Coverups of Oswald's appearance in Mexico City

In 2004 he discovered Lee Harvey Oswald's wedding ring in a Fort Worth law office. That ring was auctioned by Marina Oswald Porter in 2013 for the sum of $90,000. Dave's discovery was the subject of a History Channel Brad Meltzer's Lost History episode which aired on November 28, 2014. The ring is now on display at the Sixth Floor Museum in Dealey Plaza.


A Westborough, Massachusetts native, Perry and his wife Nicole live in Grapevine, Texas. They have a son and daughter, both living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, along with two grandsons and a great granddaughter.