From Citizens for Truth in the Kennedy Assassination (CTKA)


“He (Gary Mack) is actually quoted in the article as saying that it was the case of Ricky White that caused his about face. For those unaware of the White case: White stated at a press conference in Dallas in July of 1990 that his father, deceased Dallas policeman Roscoe White, was part of the conspiracy to kill Kennedy and also eliminate contrary witnesses. To make a long story short, this turned out to be, at best, a false story. At worst, it was a contrived hoax.”

It seemed inevitable those such as CTKA with an ax to grind over Gary’s change in attitude would minimize events surrounding the Roscoe White story. 


Ricky Don White (left) speaks at the August 6, 1990 press conference while Bud Fensterwald (center) and J. Gary Shaw (right) look on.

Here is what CTKA failed to mention:

On Monday, August 6, 1990 the now defunct JFK Assassination Information Center ~ J. Gary Shaw (Co-Director), Larry Howard (Co-Director) and Larry Ray Harris (Archives & Research Director) sponsored the Ricky White press conference. Moderating the event was Washington D.C. based Director of the Assassination Archives and Research Center, Bud Fensterwald. There to support the story were private investigator Joe West and Roscoe’s alleged spiritual advisor Reverend Jack Shaw. Former CIA officer John Stockwell appeared with the panel but had serious doubts about Ricky's claims. Both local and national television and print media representatives including CNN were present.

The panel concluded Roscoe was NOT, as CTKA would have you believe, “part of the conspiracy” but Roscoe WAS the grassy knoll assassin. Additionally, during the conference Ricky tearfully related how his dad was “forced to shoot his best friend J.D. Tippit.”

The story was so explosive the Texas Attorney General’s office, at the behest of Ray and Mary LaFontaine, started conducting their investigation.

On Tuesday, August 7, 1990 those who attended the Jim Marrs meeting were treated to the investigation and authentication of the “unique footprint” in the Gordon Arnold film which was allegedly found in Roscoe White’s footlocker. The study was conducted by Robert Groden and embellished by CTKA member Jack White. White (no relation to Ricky or Roscoe) would later claim that the deaths of Larry Ray Harris (auto accident) , Bud Fensterwald, Larry Howard, and Joe West (all three had heart problems) fell into the mysterious death category.

Later Ricky White, Larry Howard and their spouses flew to California and attempted to sell the story to Oliver Stone for $750,000. Stone rejected it as a “publicity seeking hoax.”

When that story was completely discounted Joe West merely removed Roscoe White from the grassy knoll and replaced him with James Sutton a.k.a. Jim Files.

CTKA should be reminded that what it considered at best, a false story or at worst, a contrived hoax was promoted by what some then believed, as Gary Mack did, were the most prominent and reliable researchers of the Kennedy assassination.


"The fact is, Roscoe White was a professional assassin."

                                                                   Larry Ray Harris August 6, 1990

Ricky White Press Conference

Left to Right ~ Retired CIA officer John Stockwell, Ricky's wife Tricia, Ricky White, Larry Ray Harris

Ricky White Press Conference

Left to Right  ~ "Certified" Private Investigator Joe West, Rev. Jack Shaw

Dave Perry August 1, 2015