The Rademacher Map

John Radamacher distributed a copy of the above map in conjunction with a presentation he gave on October 6, 1992 at the University of Texas at Arlington. The map clearly shows John discovered two Remington .222 shell casings and his diagram IS the source with which to determine their exact location. In essence this diagram raises several questions about the Files' scenario. Files claimed he fired only one shot, placed the shell casing on the picket fence, returned the pistol to its' case and left the scene via the sidewalk in front of the TSBD. If he only used one shell that day where did the second shell come from? Radamacher claimed both shells were left at the scene on November 22, 1963. Malcolm Summers indicated he saw Files in the area where the second shell was found. Files denied he was in that area at all. Who did Summers observe? Remember at one point a few years ago Summers claimed the person he saw looked like Roscoe White.

As you can see from the correspondence below my publication of the map elicited a somewhat caustic response from Mr. Bob Vernon. In the end Vernon had the courtesy to admit he was mistaken.


From Bob Vernon aka Dr. Truth

Dear Dave Perry:

I understand from Mr. John Rademacher that he is a bit disturbed by your displaying his copyrighted hand-drawn map of Dealey Plaza on your website, under a "copyright" notice from you, without his written permission.

I understand that he is forwarding his copyright notice from the Library of Congress to me and that he is writing you a cease and desist letter. I will be posting Mr. Rademacher's Library of Congress copyright registration on the JFK MURDER SOLVED website so that everyone can see your blatant infringement. I feel certain Mr. Rademacher may also inform your ISP of your infringement.

Unfortunately, you have exhibited the copyright of Mr. Rademacher to millions of people on the Internet without his permission and I'm sure Mr. Rademacher will have no trouble in finding witnesses.

Warm regards to all your friends at Langley. But please remind them that they are NOT EXEMPT from copyright infringement as you are not. Take heed.

Good luck, agent Perry.


Dear Mr. Vernon,

If John Rademacher is upset, he can write me at:  PO Box 3128, Grapevine, TX 76099

John’s map was scanned directly from a copy he personally gave me at the Jim Marrs meeting of October 6, 1992. He handed out many copies of the map with no restrictions. Eventually he even apologized for not having enough photocopies for distribution. I also believe on a subsequent visit to the Marrs' group he handed out more copies. Point of fact I have many witnesses to these events. Even so please note that, although it is not in proper copyright form, I have included "by John Rademacher 90" because it is part of the original scanned image. I also appropriately credited him in the body of my text.

You incorrectly claim my personal copyright appears on the page. It does not. Additionally, I have not exhibited the map to millions of people. My web counter shows nowhere near the number of hits for which you give me credit. My ISP is Flash Net and I can provide either you or John with their customer care number. I would suggest that both you and John check with your counsel before doing so.

Since the proper copyright notice did not appear on the copy John gave me I have and still assume the document is in the public domain. If he placed a copyright on the document after he distributed the map I believe the copy on my site is still in the public domain. However, I'm always willing to listen to creditable authorities on the subject. If John or his attorney provides proof that this document, not a subsequent version, was properly registered prior to its distribution on October 6, 1992, I will be more than happy to consider removing it from the web site.

Date: 1998/02/23
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.jfk

Mr. Perry:

John Rademacher has requested that I inform you that you are correct in your assumption that he gave you an uncopyrighted version of his hand drawn map of Dealy Plaza prior to his copyright registration of it in the Library of Congress.


cc: John Rademacher



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