This letter was obtained from the Texas Attorney General's files.
It was procured under the Texas Open Records Act and was reformatted in Arial 12 point typeface.

January 14, 1991

Mr. Ned Butler (Page 1)

Asst. Attorney General for Prosecutor Assistance Texas Attorney General’s Office P.0. Box 13323

Austin, Texas

Dear Ned:

As you requested, I am writing to you regarding additional recent evidence we and others have developed related to the assassination of President Kennedy. I am also confirming my suggestion that a case can be made for a conspiracy to murder Lee Harvey Oswald.

We believe we can prove the following:

Roscoe White was in the marines with Lee Harvey Oswald, stationed in three of the same locales. White was trained in surveying target sites, and in ordering rifle fire. He was aware of the importance of meetings being held in Honolulu regarding changes of Viet Nam policy for the U.S. He was discharged in the same exceptional manner as Oswald, and came to Dallas for the first time within the same month as Oswald. Both men obtained jobs within the same few days in October, 1963, for the Dallas Police and the Texas School Book Depository respectively. Just weeks before, a Dallas newspaper reported the existence of a special unit of the Dallas Police which contained "spies," which was headed by a reserve colonel in army intelligence, and which worked for all branches of military intelligence as well as the FBI and "other federal agencies" in the interest of "national security." There is strong evidence to support that Oswald was a paid informant of an FBI agent attached to this special unit.

White was given a uniform in October, 1963, prior to attending the Police Academy; this was contrary to normal procedure. White worked across the street from Officer J.D. Tippit from the time he came to Dallas until Tippit was murdered on November 22, 1963. White’s sister—in-law, with whom he and his wife frequently stayed, lived a block and a half from one of Tippit’s best friends. This friend, along with White, was

75039 (214) 869-7605


My Comments On Page 1

Mary LaFontaine points out to the Texas Attorney General that "We believe we can prove the following:"

As you read the letter you find there is a lot of talk about evidence but none shown. It appears the LaFontaines never provided proof that Oswald and White were "stationed in three of the same locales." or their strong evidence Oswald was a paid informant?

In the last paragraph they claim White received his uniform prior to attending the police academy. They should clarify why it is important with respect to the Kennedy assassination.



Mr. Ned Butler (Page 2)

found in 1978 to possess a photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald armed with a rifle and pistol which the Tippit friend and other homicide detectives had sworn to the Warren Commission did not exist. This photograph (CE 133C) provides evidence, through comparative measurement unavailable until its existence became known, that the set of "backyard photographs" of Lee Harvey Oswald are fakes. Moreover, there is convincing photographic analysis to suggest that Roscoe White himself posed for the backyard photographs.

We are now convinced that Roscoe White did not work for the Dallas police department in any ordinary capacity, and that he’ did have an involvement in the assassination of President Kennedy. Important evidence recently located shows that high Dallas authority could obtain no details of White’s employment as long ago as 1975. Moreover, we have evidence that a "family friend" of Geneva White knew of her employment by Jack Ruby and other details of the foregoing, and told her as much in early 1977 at the very time she was being interrogated by the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

We are also convinced that material facts have been obscured and falsely discredited, whether by ignorance or design, by Channel 5 in Dallas and its employee Gary Mack, and other "researchers" in the Dallas area. These would include the owners of the JFK Assassination Center in Dallas, Gary Shaw, Larry Harris and Larry Howard, who sold a false version of the Roscoe White story to Oliver Stone for $80,000 (Esquire, November 1991). I was recently told by a former employee of the JFK Center that neither the center nor Mr. Shaw nor Mr. Harris had any interest in researching the White story, and ignored information he provided them regarding connections with Officer J.D. Tippit, for example.

As I mentioned, we have talked with our lawyer about the foregoing, and turning the supporting evidence and other material over to your office as we have done in the past. He has advised that we make such a presentation directly to the Attorney General. Since we have invested our own time, money, and investigative resources in this matter before, during and after it was widely reported that your office had closed the case "for lack of evidence" (KLIF, November 26, 1991) or because (Dallas Channel 5 in the Spring of last year) "Tonight the attorney general says that [the story] . . . was nothing more than a pathetic attempt to gain money," we are, I believe understandably, concerned that the evidence be given the appropriate forum and that both its seriousness and our contribution be acknowledged.

Regardless of the decision of the Attorney general’s Office, it is our intention to bring the foregoing to the American public through the vehicle of documentary film, print and television. I should add that to this date Desperado Productions has not received a dime for any part of its investigation of the Kennedy Assassination; we have expended many thousands of



My Comments On Page 2

From the first paragraph on page 2 ~ Where is the photo analyst's report that convinced the LaFontaines that White posed for the backyard photographs?

Paragraph two is full of unsupported claims. Who is the "high Dallas authority" and where is the evidence supplied by the "family friend" that Geneva was working for Jack Ruby?

In paragraph three instead of proofs another unnamed source, this time from the "JFK Assassination Center", comes forward.

In my view, since the letter is full of unsubstantiated claims and unnamed informants, it would appear the LaFontaines were unable to convince the Texas Attorney General their "evidence" had merit.

By paragraph four we discover their true motives for contacting the A.G.'s office. They expect the Attorney General to acknowledge their contribution! Just what do they consider their contribution?

I think the last paragraph says it all!

It looks like the LaFontaines don't care what the Attorney General decides. They have to make some money.



Mr. Ned Butler (Page 3)

dollars in the investigation.

Should the Attorney General wish to pursue this matter, please let us know. With best regards,


Mary La Fontaine


My Comments On Page 3

We are approaching the tenth anniversary of this letter. It would appear the LaFontaines couldn't get the Attorney General to respond.

I think the letter clearly shows that the LaFontaines fell for the Roscoe White story hook, line and sinker. Unfortunately for them their attempts to bring the AG back into the case fell on deaf ears.

Can someone show me where I have reached the wrong conclusion?


Dave Perry 05/04/00