Five Documents to Keep It Simple

Document  #1 – The CIA and FBI were working together to “embarrass” the Fair Play for Cuba Committee:

September 13, 1963 memo to D.J. Brennan from FBI Liaison Officer S.J. Papach concerning a request from John Tilton of the CIA.

Document #2 - On November 9, 1963 Oswald informed the Soviet Embassy in Washington, D.C. of the results of his journey to Mexico City. He indicated his trip was restricted to “15 days only” and he could not use “my real name.” He implied he was the secretary of the non-existent Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New Orleans.


Document #3 - The FBI was aware of Oswald’s letter. Assistant to the FBI Director Alan Belmont indicates Oswald could only stay in Mexico for 15 days and could not use his real name. This mirrors Oswald’s letter to the Soviet Embassy in Washington.

The “sensitive techniques” were the CIA’s mail secret mail opening program called HTLINGUAL. The FBI version was Project Hunter.



Although there is no proof, since the FBI and CIA had secret mail opening programs, they were probably aware the Fair Play for Cuba Committee wanted no part in Oswald’s activities.

Document #4 – Page 1 of the three page letter from V.T. Lee of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee to Oswald. V.T. Lee has concerns about a New Orleans chapter.


Click here to see the entire letter as a .pdf file


Document #5 – For this documentation I direct your attention to page 777 of the Warren Commission Report.

“In October 1963, the Passport Office of the State Department received a report from the Central Intelligence Agency that Oswald had visited the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City. The report said nothing about Oswald’s having visited the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City, a fact which was not known until after the assassination.” (Emphasis mine)

There is evidence that the FBI and to a greater extent the CIA were following Oswald’s every move. The above statement made to the Warren Commission was a falsehood. For the CIA Mexico City station not to report to the FBI office in Dallas and/or New Orleans that Oswald had returned to the United States smacks, not of conspiracy, but malfeasance. Their knowledge needed to be covered up otherwise some very important people would lose their jobs and be disgraced.