Brad Meltzer’s Lost History ~ Oswald’s Lost Wedding Ring Errors

Air Date December 1, 2014 


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Brad Meltzer states “in 1962 Oswald moves Marina and their two children [from Russia] back to the US.”

When the Oswald’s returned to the United States they had a daughter, June, born on February 16, 1962. The other daughter, Rachel, was born in the United States on October 20, 1963. At the time of the Oswald’s return they had one child.




Meltzer indicates Oswald’s wedding ring was returned to Marina in “December of 1964.”

It was returned, based on the notation on the envelope, via the Secret Service in December of 1963.




“. . . but when Kennedy researcher Dave Perry examines the autopsy photos.”

Perry acquired the information about the two rings from the official autopsy report. He never saw any autopsy photographs.




While describing Oswald’s ruby colored ring, one of two that were returned to the casket, a photograph of Oswald’s Marine Corps ring is shown. The Marine Corps ring is still, I believe, in Marina’s possession. Gary Oldman wore Oswald's Marine ring during the filming of Oliver Stone’s JFK in April of 1991.




Meltzer correctly states Perry found the ring in July of 2004 but then says the ring was discovered “23 years later.” It is actually 40 years later. R&R Auction’s Bobby Livingstone corrects this error at 13:10 when he mentions the ring “was returned to them [the Oswalds] after 40 years.”




Perry affirms and the envelope shows Ruth Paine turned the ring over to the Secret Service on December 2, 1963.