Pamela McElwain-Brown's protests fall short of the mark! Part 2

My December 3, 2008 article concerning Ms. McElwain-Brown's complaints about the Discovery Channel's JFK: Inside the Target Car appears at:

As part of my conclusion I suggested she may be "grandstanding" on the Simkin Forum. In my opinion if she found the show's content so distressing why didn't she produce a letter or letters to the producers or the Discovery Channel showing her displeasure with the content?


"Has she demanded that her name be removed from the credits? This would be something difficult to do but at least putting the producer and Discovery Channel on notice of her displeasure would further support her argument."

"Was she paid for her work? And if so did she return the check or reimburse the producers in protest?"

It has been over a month and I still haven't received a proper answer. I decided to see if I could obtain information from some involved with the shows production. Here is their response:

"Shortly after repeat broadcasts of JFK: Inside the Target Car early in December 2008, Pamela Brown received the second half of the promised fee for her services. She also received DVDs of both the updated program (with the Secret Service photos accurately dated) and also her entire on camera interview which, unfortunately, was cut from the US version."

So there you have it. Ms. McElwain-Brown received two payments for her services. Additionally, she received both original and updated versions of the program and a DVD of her on camera interview.

In my opinion, anyone who accepts compensation for services from an entity they consider guilty of fallacy, bullying, and secrecy is insincere and hypocritical.

Dave Perry

February 2, 2009