The Bay Area UFO Expo
September 14 and 15, 2002
David Icke

David Icke says"When you are constantly moving forward, searching for the cutting edge, everyone behind you always believes you have gone too far. The further back from the cutting edge they are, the more extreme and, indeed, insane, you appear, to them, to be. In this way, one person's "madness" can be another person's commonsense. David's presentation picks up where talk radio leaves off!

Special 8 hour event, including the true background to September 11th, with David Icke. Part I on Saturday, part II continues on Sunday.

Using hundreds of visuals, video footage, and lots of humor, David Icke will present more than ten years of research into the secret manipulation of the human race going back thousands of years with a detailed and extensive section about the real background to September 11th.

Icke, the writer of ten books, including The Biggest Secret and the latest, Children of the Matrix, reveals how the same interbreeding bloodlines going back to ancient Sumer and Egypt continue to control the positions of power to this day as royalty, US presidents, banking and business leaders.

His stunning information also exposes the subtle and less subtle methods of mass mind control which lead the human race like sheep in the direction the controlling few desire. This is leading to world government, world central bank and currency, a world army, and a micro chipped population. This has long been predicted in his books and now is on the very brink of happening. Also included is suppressed information on humanity's ancient extraterrestrial origins - the origins of the bloodlines that continue to control the planet. No one who hears Icke speak will ever see the world in the same light again.


Linda Moulton Howe `~ "Mysterious Lights at Hessdalen, Norway"

Emmy Award-winning TV producer and radio investigative reporter and author, Linda Moulton Howe, will update her own August 2002 field research with an Italian and Norwegian team of scientists who are studying the mysterious lights that continually move in the Hessdalen Valley of Norway. Slides, videotape & audiotape presentation.


"Latest News about Crop Formations, Animal Mutilations, Government Knowledge and Cover-Up"


Colin Andrews

For nearly two decades Colin Andrews has traveled the world and appeared on numerous television programs in his efforts to communicate the mystery of crop circles to the general public. Because he is widely recognized as the world's foremost authority on the subject it came as a great shock to millions when he was seen on national television last year stating that only 20% of the crop circles researched during the years of 1999 and 2000 remained a mystery, inferring that the remaining 80% are man made!

He has made numerous recent media appearances including with Sally Jesse Raphael, Art Bell and Dan Akroyd.

45- Minute Lecture: Crop Circles Intro: Anyone who has studied this subject will know that in the past 24 months we have witnessed the most extraordinary crop circle patterns ever. In the last few months we have seen, and in upcoming months we will continue to see that "someone" has decided now is the time for the crop circles to be placed center stage. This free intro sets the groundwork for Colin's workshop, which promises to be one of his most riveting presentations ever!

90- Minute Workshop: Crop Circles Intensive: Someone has decided that this is the year! Colin has worked as hard as anyone alive to convey the importance of the crop circle mystery. Most notably he has assisted Disney with the movie "Signs" (starring Mel Gibson) and a new British movie " A Place To Stay" for which he acted as chief consultant and appeared as himself in the movie. Rumors he has been bought off by the CIA or The Rockefeller's are simply not true, as you will find when you attend this workshop. Workshop will offer the latest slides and videos of the 2002 crop-circle season!


Stephen Bassett

Stephen is a political activist/lobbyist and founder of the Paradigm Research Group, and Executive Director of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC); author of the Paradigm Clock website; and political columnist/commentator for numerous websites, publications and radio programs. Presently he is the only registered lobbyist in the U.S. representing UFO/ET research/activist organizations.

On April 19 he announced as an independent candidate in the 2002 congressional campaign for the 8th District of Maryland. X-PPAC (pronounced expack) is the first political action committee in history to target the political implications of UFO/ET phenomena.

Since 1996 Mr. Bassett has assisted a number of organizations and initiatives, which have been making the case for 1) an end to a government embargo on the truth surrounding an extraterrestrial presence and 2) the need for open congressional hearings for government witness testimony to UFO/ET events and evidence. He has spoken to millions of Americans about the likelihood and implications of a formal disclosure event.

Workshop: On Sunday from 2 PM to 3:00 PM Mr. Bassett will present a workshop where he will describe in greater detail how the congressional campaign has progressed, what has been learned, where it is going and answer all questions emanating from the previous evening's Keynote Address. There is no charge for this workshop, but campaign contributions will be most welcome from any attendees motivated by what they see and hear.

Keynote Address at the Banquet Saturday Night: Stephen will use the Keynote Address to make an important policy statement relating to the Disclosure2003 congressional campaign. He will raise issues never before presented in U.S. politics. The Keynote will take place four days after the Maryland 8th District Democratic and Republican primaries completing the November congressional ballot.

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Al Bielek

45- Minute Lecture: The Philadelphia Experiment: The Philadelphia Experiment denied by the US Navy to this day, involved notables including the Nicola Tesla (originator & first director), Dr. Hohn Von Newmann, Albert Einstein and others including this lecturer. The history of the experiment: The 3 tests involving the USS Eldridge, The disastrous August 12, 1943 test and its consequences, and the nature of the cover-up and later "resurrection" of the program will be discussed.

This lecture explains Al's family history and their involvement will be covered, as well as how the cover-up was effected.

90- Minute Workshop: The Philadelphia Experiment and it's Legacy. (What it means today) The workshop will cover a number of elements involving WHY the cover-up, and the consequences of the ill-fated August 12th test.

Medical aspects: Including the involvement of the Dr. Oscar Schneider The "Alternate Realities" problem. The TWO DE-173's. Involvement of other ships. Project Re-exposure in 1955. The "Varo" edition. The USS Eldridge to the Greek Navy (in 1995) The Greek "Playboy" edition. The conversion of Capt. Edward Cameron, USN, to Al Bielek. Slides and other documentation will be presented.


Shurlene & Earlene

Shurlene, born in Wichita, Kansas, now resides in Dallas, Texas. She holds an Associates of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and a Bachelorís Degree in Human Resource Management. She embraces life and feels particularly grateful to have had such unique experience as the ones shared in her book. Her desire is to help others who struggle in silence with traumatic abduction experiences. Her twin sister Earlene is intimately linked to the phenomenon as well. She has maintained an incredible interest in the subject of UFOís and abduction stories since she was in grade school and maintains a large library on the subject. She has provided unwavering support to Shurlene and has helped unravel many of her experiences. They both believe that it is time our government exposes the truth about alien abductions and other cover-ups that exist where this phenomenon is concerned.


Author, Shurlene B. Wallace, with her twin sister, Earlene Carr, discuss their new book, "FROM THE MOTHERLAND TO THE MOTHERSHIP." Shurlene will discuss their shared bond in this phenomenon as well as her experiences with various races of ETís. Their experiences include travel to different planets and interesting revelations. Earlene looks at the phenomenon from a cultural perspective.

90- Minute Workshop:" MOTHERSHIP and MOTHERLAND"

Mothership means nourishes, to hold close, provide shelter and teach. Many motherships exist as do many mothers. Motherships like mankind are well seeded. Motherland means origin, start of all life and civilization. The land nourishes cares for, honors and provides sustenance for life. The Motherland is sacred in origin. Therefore, these two words are powerful in conveying manís linkage to the stars. Honor Africa! Do not look at her as that which houses savages, but as a continent steeped in tradition and spirituality. Bring her back to her full glory and she will facilitate your linkage with the universe. Earlene shares a rich history of Africa and her oral traditions of alien visitations. Shurlene reveals her personal path of spirituality, which facilitated her interaction with extraterrestrials. Attendee will be guided in defining their own personal path with the objective of achieving a greater understanding of their link to the cosmos.

The twins share a song that they wrote which captures the phenomenon and manís expanding consciousness of his galactic heritage, titled, "Galactic Hymn of Earthís Emergence"


John Greenewald, Jr.

John Greenewald, Jr. has been programming web sites and using computers since around 1992, when he was only eleven years old. Now, he is 21 years old, and for he past five and a half years, has been programming a web site (The Black Vault) which has not only caught the eye of the UFO community, but has caught the eye of international television audiences.

John was born in Tarzana, California, April17, 1981 Johnís fascination with UFOs began at a very young age, with the love for comic books. "Never seen a UFO, and have never had any type of experience," says John, leaves him with a raging curiosity. Armed with the Freedom of Information Act, John slams the government with requests for information, which many they do not want to answer. Over the past four years, he has done hundred and hundreds, if not thousands of Freedom of Information Act requests to every corner of the government. The Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, countless offices in the Pentagon, all have been Johnís targets. John now works full time at home, on his websites, and growing his online business. Past employments include running an entire internet division, and coordinating and building extremely high traffic websites.

45- Minute Lecture: Join John for his 45 minute lecture, he will explore the path he's taken for the past 5 1/2 years. Researching the UFO phenomenon. He will talk about just how he got started at the age of fifteen, and why. The road was long, the path was hard, but the end result was 100% irrefutable proof we are dealing with a phenomenon that is not only real, but a very big research subject of the U.S. Government.

He will talk about "The Black Vault" site, and the community of over 20,000 members of that site!

90- Minute Workshop: Join John for his 2-hour workshop, and he will take the lecture to the next level. He will dive deep inside the research he has taken in the past five and a half years.

Detailing government agency by government agency, you will see the exact road he took to research this phenomenon, and you will see exactly what evidence is truly there. See irrefutable evidence that the U.S. government is investigating this phenomenon is a heavily guarded, heavily Top Secret subject that the government DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW!
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Steven Halpern

Steven is a recording artist, sound healer, and author, and he is fervently devoted to making a contribution to humanity through the medium of music. One of the fathers of new age music, Steven's recordings goes beyond other entertainment-oriented music because of his use of tone, space, and silence (among other techniques) which triggers a deep-relaxation response. Scientific studies have shown that when people listen to Halpern's music, they move into meditative alpha and theta states, which enable them to experience healing and peace. Steven will perform a special concert at the banquet on Saturday Night!

Ken Jenkins- award-winning special effects video artist and producer will provide breathtaking visuals. Michael Diamond - joins on guitar and keyboards. You can learn more about Steven's music and order his recordings online @

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Bill Hamilton

Bill Hamilton has had a lifetime of interest in UFOs since he read the book, "Flying Saucers from Outer Space" at an early age. He attended the famous Giant Rock Conventions in the 1950ís and became acquainted with many of the early contactees with over 100 personal sightings of his own. He is educated in Psychology, Physical Sciences and Information Technology and served in the Air Force for five years with a top grade in Electronic Technology. He worked as a Senior Analyst at UCLA for over 30 years while continuing his interest and research in spacecraft propulsion systems and underground bases. In addition to contributing articles to many Science and UFO Journals he has written several books, including "Cosmic Top Secret" and "The Phoenix Lights Mystery." He has appeared on many radio and TV programs, including Art Bell, Jeff Rense and FOXís Sightings. After years of being actively involved in Skywatch International and MUFON with key responsibilities as a field researcher and Assistance Director, Bill continues to this day researching UFOs and is currently working to make Skywatch International a premier UFO network.

45- Minute Lecture: Cosmic Top Secret: The continuing saga of UFOs and the National Security State. The U.S. Government has been engaged in a conspiracy of silence, secrecy, and UFO black projects since 1947. What is the Truth and what are the Consequences?

90- Minute Workshop: The Search of EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) A slide presentation covering the search for life in the universe, Astrobiology and NASA programs in the White world and revelations from informers on EBEs and the top secret sequestering of the EBE known to insiders a JAROD at Site-4 on the super secret Nevada Test Site in an underground facility. Also included, a slide presentation on underground facilities including the infamous DOE Dulce underground site.


Budd Hopkins


In March of this year a man with a history of UFO abduction experiences was taken to the emergency room of a New York area hospital, bleeding from three places in his body - including his bladder - after at least four hours of missing time. A later regression revealed the content of his harrowing abduction. What makes this case so uniquely important is that he received immediate medical attention and ongoing examinations of the anomalous injuries he suffered, and the involved doctors are so genuinely puzzled that they are instituting their own in-depth study of the phenomenon.. This is the first time that Budd Hopkins has been contacted by a group of medical personnel to aid them in their investigation of an alleged UFO abduction. In his lecture he will detail his ongoing investigation of this this extraordinary case and will present several other similar cases he have dealt with which also involve bleeding from the bladder, apparently as a result of the aliens' invasive, quasi-medical procedures.

You may learn more about Mr. Hopkins and his work at

90- Minute Workshop:ARE YOU AN ABDUCTEE?

In this highly personal workshop we will examine many of the often subtle emotional, psychological and physical aftereffects of UFO abductions. Slides will be shown of the characteristic scars and marks associated with abductions, and a psychological profile of the typical abductee will be presented. Budd Hopkins will discuss the process of hypnosis and in demonstration an audio excerpt of a hypnotic session will be played.

The central purpose of this workshop will be to aid those attending in deciding whether or not they, themselves, may have had a series of only partially recalled abduction experiences, and if so, what options exist for their exploration of these recollections. In his twenty-six years of working with over six hundred abductees, Hopkins is widely regarded as the most experienced abduction researcher in the world today, and much of his workshop will be devoted to a productive, therapeutic dialogue with the participants.


Roger Leir

Expo Is proud to announce the surprise guest appearance of Dr. Roger Leir; will be giving a special presentation to a limited number of invited guests.

PLEASE NOTE: This presentation is not for the squeamish. Dr. Leir will be talking about the tenth surgery for removal of a suspected alien implant. He will be showing video of the surgery and the OBJECT MOVING of its own free will below the surface of the skin. Dr. Leir will also discuss the latest aspects of the Gary Lowery abduction case. He will show slides of the alien creature taken from the video and discuss the latest DNA data pertaining to the "CLAW"

Please ask the registration personnel for your ticket to this special presentation. Tickets will be on sale for $40.00. The seating will be limited so please get your tickets early at the conference or when you pre-register. Visit Dr. Leir's web site at


Jim Marrs

In 1989, Marrs book, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, was published to critical acclaim and became a basis for the Oliver Stone film JFK. In May, 1997, Marrs in-depth investigation of UFOs, Alien Agenda, was published by

HarperCollins Publishers and in 2001 he published "Psi Spies" in a paperback form. Rule by Secrecy, in which Mr. Marrs traced the hidden history that connects modern secret societies to the Ancient Mysteries.

Mr. Marrs has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, The Discovery Channel, History Channel, This Morning America, Geraldo, Montell Williams, Today and The Larry King and Art Bell radio programs.

45- Minute Lecture: RULE BY SECRECY: Award-winning journalist and New York Times BestSelling author Jim Marrs brings together two heretofore unconnected concepts---Secret Societies and their control over our lives and the idea of Ancient Astronauts.

As more and more archeological discoveries come to light, it becomes very clear that humankind's evolution has not been a slow advancement to our present state, but rather a slow and painful regaining of scientific knowledge following a "fall" from a great planet-wide, highly technological civilization in the distant past. Marrs connects the modern secret societies with the Ancient Mysteries of the past.

90- Minute Workshop: THE WAR ON FREEDOM: This workshop will show the connections between the agenda of the New World Order and the current War on Terrorism.

America's first war of the 21st century has quickly bogged down in suspicions that the full underlying truth of the attacks of September 11, 2001, has not been presented to the public. The many serious questions concerning who was actually behind the dastardly attacks of 9-11 will be examined and the connections of those involved with secret societies with a global agenda will be examined as well as the possibility of extraterrestrial involvement.


Jason Martell

Jason's research first started 8 years ago where he became fascinated with possible artificial structures on Mars, and NASA's explanation for these objects. s well as the theory that there is another planet in our solar system, known as Planet X or the 12th planet. This planet is being actively search for by modern astronomers, because it does exist. The Sumerian culture, 6,000 years ago were also aware of this planet. And described a race of "GODS" that lived on that planet, and have visited us in our past. Jason Martell has given several lectures to MUFON about his research and appeared on many radio shows. Jason derives his information from a vast network of skilled researchers and sources, which can be accessed at

45- Minute Lecture: The Search for Planet X Does NASA know about Planet X? Ancient Astronauts in our past? Will Planet X be returning soon?

The 6,000 year old Sumerian descriptions of our solar system include one more planet they called "Nibiru", which means "Planet of the crossing". The descriptions of this planet by the Sumerians match precisely the specifications of "Planet X" (the Tenth Planet), which is currently being sought by modern astronomers in the depths of our Solar System. The Sumerians state that PLANET X, (Nibiru), collided with our primitive Earth in the past, creating the asteroid belt and forever becoming another member of our solar system in a comet like 3,600 year orbit around the sun. The technology we have today allows us to view events described by the ancients in a new perspective.

90- Minute Workshop: Modern Science confirms Ancient Knowledge Will Planet X return in 2003? Has Planet X passed by Earth in the past? NASA and Planet X?

The writing of the Ancient Near East include a profusion of astronomical texts that clearly speak of a planet from which Ancient Astronauts or "GODS" had come from. However, when scholars 150 years ago deciphered and translated the ancient texts, our astronomers were not yet aware of Pluto which was only located in 1930. How could they be expected to accept the evidence of yet one more planet in our solar system? But now that we too, like the ancients, are aware of the planets beyond Saturn, why not accept the ancient evidence that there is a 10th planet in our solar system? As we ourselves venture into space, a fresh new look and acceptance of the ancient scriptures is more than timely. Now that astronauts have landed on the Moon and unmanned space craft explore the outer planets, it is no longer impossible to believe that a civilization on another planet more advanced than ours was capable of landing its astronauts on the planet Earth in the past


Sean David Morton

In the fall of 1989 Sean David Morton was a member of a team of scientists and researchers that ultra-sounded the Dulce Archaleta Mesa in New Mexico proving beyond any doubt that an underground base exists in New Mexico. Sean achieved national recognition when his expeditions to Area 51 made front-page news in the Los Angeles Times. Since then Sean has written, directed, produced and consulted for such programs as Hard Copy, Strange Universe, Sightings, Now It Can Be Told, Unsolved Mysteries and many more. Currently Sean is the director of the Prophecy Research Institute and publishes the monthly Delphi Associates Newsletter. He will be making his feature film-directing debut in a few months with a horror thriller he has also written called Hellion.

45- Minute Lecture: Information to follow 90- Minute Workshop: Information to follow

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Robert Short

CONTACTEE Bio to follow.45- Minute Lecture: UFOís: The Giant Rock Story, First Contact. It was through his extraterrestrial sources that Bob was told of a location in the high desert of Southern California. These Ďsourcesí led him to a gravelly, dirt roadway, and ultimately to the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Van Tassel, who own & manage the airport called Giant Rock - where the first well-known and very large Flying Saucer Conventions took place. Many speakers at this event claimed actual physical contact with extraterrestrials, and Bob was no exception. His extraterrestrial contacts continue to this dayÖThis lecture will include many slides of the early days of ufology- donít miss it! The history of this particular area is one of the cornerstones of the UFO phenomenon.

90- Minute Workshop: Giant Rock and Beyond.After the early years in which Bob was involved in early ham radio "contacts," and from that to developing communication with extraterrestrial sources Short was led to the location of the Giant Rock Airport where he experienced more contacts. It was also during this period that he had his first physical contact. This was soon followed by several close encounters in which Bob and his family were involved. They were also privileged to see demonstrations of various spacecrafts in many different locations. Bob is now based in Arizona and his UFO encounters and space source communications are in their 50th year.


Douglas Taylor

Inside A Starship- (slide show lecture by Douglas Taylor) Douglas Taylor was a carpenter by trade and a surfer by choice, traveling around the world searching for the perfect wave for much of his youth. In 1978 on one of his surf trips to the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico, he experienced an incredible psychic encounter inside a UFO and telepathically communicated with its extraterrestrial occupants! On his return from this trip profound changes took place in his life. In a series of hundreds of beautiful communications in visions and dreams with extraterrestrial and celestial beings over the next twenty years, he became inspired to start writing, painting, and teaching. Taylorís visionary and UFO paintings are considered to be some of the best in the world, many of which are published in his incredible new book Soulic Journeys. In addition to national radio talk shows and interviews with film and television crews from around the world, he has taught hundreds of classes and workshops at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, California.


Robert Perala

Master of Ceremonies Your host for the weekend is lecturer and author Robert Perala. Robert is author of the runaway best seller The Divine Blueprint, Roadmap for the New Millennium, and, his followup book - The Divine Architect - was just released in April of 2002. Robert's encounter with extraterrestrials at age 21 led him into 22 years of research in the study of UFOs, spirituality, metaphysics, personal growth and earth sciences. In addition Robert has guested on over 180 radio shows including the world wide syndicated show Coast to Coast AM. Order the Divine Blueprint from For more information on Robert's new book The Divine Architect visit Robert's website at


Ruben J. Uriarte

Co-host Ruben is State Director for the Northern California Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and State Director of Crop Circle Phenomenon Research International.

He is also the Research Expedition Director for Beyond Boundaries,Inc., a company specializing in leading small groups of people interested in the UFO Phenomena to areas of the world where UFO sightings and experiences are frequent. He has traveled annually to England over the past 6 years and has photographed many crop circle formations.