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1) Here is the first excerpt from Files videotaped "confession":

Q: How did you exit the plaza?

A: When I exited the plaza, I walked to the edge of the stockade fence, I did not walk down the steps, I walked back over, crossed the grass to the dead end street that ends there by the parking lot and I proceeded to, I believe that's Houston, crossed Houston, went into the Dal-Tex parking lot. When I got into the car, Mr. Nicoletti was already in the car and so was Johnny Rosselli. I got in the car and drove away. (Emphasis mine)

The photo below clearly shows there was no parking lot associated with the DAL-TEX building.

2) The second excerpt leading to more problems:

Q: Are you sure that they were in that Dal-Tex building?

A: I'm positive cause I had the car parked there, [The second time Files mentions the non-existing parking lot] they were going to come out through the door and put their weapon...well, Johnny Rosselli had no weapon...Charles Nicoletti was the one that carried the rifle in there. That had been secured and he put that back into the trunk of the vehicle. I knew that was in the trunk because it was still there when I got to the motel...I took it out....cause that was....the plan was for him to come back...put his in the trunk...I would have the briefcase, I would slide it under the steering wheel. Johnny Rosselli was sitting in the back seat...Charles Nicoletti was sitting in the right front passenger's seat...I opened the door of the in...and drove out. As I come out of the parking lot, I made a right hand turn on to Houston street.(Emphasis mine)

The road Files alleges he took when leaving the assassination scene did not exist.

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The new Houston Street-Ross Avenue connection, in the lower part of the photograph, is expected to be completed by the end of this month, city officials announced. The new connection, which will cost $33,865, is expected to facilitate the flow of traffic through the warehouse area near the courthouse complex. The new courthouse rises in the background.

Aerial Photo by Squire Haskins

The Dallas Times Herald - December 4, 1963

Thanks to The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza and archivist Gary Mack.

Copyright 1998 by David B. Perry    All rights reserved

We all have seen or had to deal with, individuals who become visibly upset when things aren’t going their own way. Usually it’s a youngster. Their "protests" are, for the most part, in public, in a store or schoolyard, they bully, call names and exaggerate. Remember the child who screams and holds his breath until he turns blue. I’ve received a response to my posting of the Dealey Plaza aerial photograph. It is a missive from Mr. Robert Vernon and in fairness to Mr. Vernon, as well as, the reader I feel it necessary to post his reply along with my comments.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Vernon I’d like to give some background. Almost three years ago in June of 1995 Bob Vernon issued the following "press release."




As part of the release one finds an additional notation. "Vernon and a certified legal investigator from Texas located a known Mafia/CIA dual operative who has revealed who was the real Kennedy assassin, not Oswald." The real assassin was,supposedly, James Files.

You would think that was that. We could fold up our tents and leave our research behind. But such was not the case. Just a few years earlier, in August of 1990 to be exact, there were just as persistent claims and similar, if not more grandiose, evidence that the case was solved and the "Grassy Knoll" shooter was Roscoe White. So by the time of the Files' revelation the public, and especially the media, had become somewhat skeptical of such pretenders to the throne.

Since 1995 Vernon has been pushing the story for a network television special or pay-per-view extravaganza. In mid 1994 The New York Post reported Vernon was trying to sell what the Post termed "the yarn" as a TV special for two million dollars.To date the only taker has been MPI Home Video. MPI distributed the Files' confession through Blockbuster under the title Confessions Of An Assassin. In my opinion if Vernon had truly solved the case, then every legitimate documentary production company would be chaffing at the bit to bring the "story" to prime time television. This hasn’t come to pass. Therefore, Vernon should be courting the media rather than attacking the likes of me. But wait a minute. He HAS already tried this tactic and the press has had field day with this tale.

Richard Johnson writing for the New York Post (5/9/94) indicated "The bogus assassin is James Files, 51, a chop shop operator . . " (emphasis mine).  Another of Johnson’s efforts (New York Post 7/27/94) proclaims in bold letters "Call this JFK Tale Knoll and Void."

Michael Sneed in the 8/17/94 Chicago Sun-Times questions Vernon’s take on the episode ~

"Sneed’s query: ‘So howcum Files wants to confess to a crime of murder, a charge that has no statute of limitations, that was committed in the state of Texas, which has the death penalty?’

Vernon’s reply: ‘It’s really not admissible in court.’

Sneed’s reply: ‘Huhhhh?" (The Huhhh? is Sneeds rejoinder not mine)

Billy Cox in the 7/26/96 Melbourne Florida Today quips "At last - the guy who shot Kennedy."

So with this in mind let’s go on to Mr. Vernon’s response. My comments begin with l

Mr. Vernon Responds

(2/17/98) TO DAVE PERRY:

Nice try, agent Perry, but no bananas.

  • For an opening remark concerning such a serious subject I consider this frivolous name-calling. It adds nothing to the discussion.

We have much better pictures in our evidence chain and ours don't have a "No Entry" message that was typed in by you or Gary Mack.

  • It’s not a picture and I have no evidence chain. It’s a scanned copy of an article that appeared in The Dallas Times Herald. I thought it obvious I was responsible for typing the notations on the scene. I made sure the typeface was such that anybody could identify them as having nothing to do with the original. Why bring up Gary Mack?

I have since replaced the original labeled image with a clean copy

In the 6 years of investigation, research and study done on Files, the questions you try to raise were covered years ago.

  • Maybe investigated, researched and covered but apparently never believed by the media, general public or researchers. If it had been this story would have sold for $2 million and appeared on the History Channel or some other such outlet.

Files told us about the construction in the area WHICH FURTHER VALIDATES HIS CONFESSION. You see, agent Perry, if Files would NOT have told us about the construction, that would have meant he was lying. Since Files KNEW about the construction, this means HE WAS THERE ON 11/2263.

  • Files may have told Mr. Vernon but there is no reference to this in his video "confession." With only a minimal amount of checking, anyone could certainly find out about the construction site. And contrary to Mr. Vernon's belief, if Files didn’t know about the construction site it doesn’t necessarily mean he was lying and it certainly isn’t acceptable proof he was there acting as an assassin on November 22, 1963.

CREATE BETTER PICTURES, agent Perry.  Since you are computer enhancing pictures, make sure you don't mess them up too much in your disinfo effort.

  •  This is an exaggeration of the facts. "Agent Perry" scanned The Dallas Times Herald story using an OpticPro 4800P flatbed scanner ($200), adding the captions (sprites) with Microsoft Image Composer (included in the $150 Microsoft FrontPage98 package). The image was neither enhanced nor altered, as anyone can see by comparing it with the original clipping or the microfilm copy at area libraries.

Anyone can see that Files turning right on Houston and continuing around the road to the other street is possible. And, before you ask, we've driven that route and it pretty much rides like Files says it does.

  • Neither Vernon's nor my opinion of the "facts" is important, only what will stand up in a court is at issue. I didn't intend to ask if Mr. Vernon has driven the route for it doesn't matter.

And, yes, there appears to be a parking lot in YOUR PICTURE, right behind the Dal-Tex. Files, being from Illinois and never having been in Dealey Plaza before 11/63, has every right to say "The Dal-Tex Parking Lot" because, guess what, the lot in your picture is behind the Dal-Tex and could easily be mistaken for the Dal-Tex parking lot.

  • I thought Files arrived several days before hand to check the assassination scene. Vernon, who is not acting in impartial fashion, dodges the issue with the supposition that Files "could easily be mistaken." This is not an acceptable defense. Using similar logic I could counter by asking ~ What other parts of the story is Files mistaken about? The claim he shot Kennedy?

Oh, and, oh yes, I stood in the middle of the Dal-Tex parking lot and looked around. And, I have other pictures that aren't quite like yours. Mine aren't computer enhanced.

  • More exaggerated computer enhancement claims for what purpose I can’t conceive.


  • I cannot determine the significance of the above comment.

Next, I guess you'll tell me that there is NOT a pancake house at the corner of the I-30 and University in Fort Worth where Files said the meeting with Ruby and Rosselli took place? Or there is NOT a Lamplighter Inn in Mesquite where Files says he stayed? And then I guess you'll say that Files is not from Alabama or that he never worked for Charles Nicoletti in Chicago.....Oh, please tell me that agent Perry. Please.........

  • More obfuscation and flippant comments. Anyone could check 1963 directories or drive by the locations mentioned and weave them into a story. And just because the buildings exist, that's not proof Files was at those sites around November 22, 1963. The Eiffel Tower is located in Paris, but that fact in and of itself, doesn't prove I've been there. I don’t really care where Jim Files is from and I have no proof, other than his and Vernon's word, that he worked for Nicoletti.

Tell me one other thing agent could Files pass three (3) lie- detector tests if he was lying?

  • Lie detector tests are not acceptable in most courts as they are considered unreliable due to the testing methodology and interpretation of the results.

Oh, and Dave....I really hate to bring this one of your poorer disinfo pieces on FIles you stated something to the point of "Files is in Joliet for murdering/killing two police officers...." It was something like that. Dave, this just goes to show you what a lightweight researcher/investigator you really are. James Files is in Joliet serving 50 years for the ATTEMPTED MURDER of two police officers, NOT for MURDERING TWO POLICE OFFICERS.

  • Rather than claim " . . you stated something to the point of "Files is in Joliet for murdering/killing two police officers...." It was something like that." it would be better for Mr. Vernon to scan my message and post it. However, if Vernon's recollection is accurate I should apologize to Mr. Files for this error. I do find it strange that under less than idea conditions Files was able to assassinate Kennedy but failed when it came to two police officers. Did his marksmanship deteriorate over the years?

  • Being from Texas and never having been to the attempted murder scene I might have the right to say "MURDERING" because I could easily be mistaken.

In fact, I MET AND TALKED TO ONE OF THE MEN FILES SHOT. Sgt. Ostertag, now Investigator Ostertag of Lake County D.A's office, raised his shirt and showed me the entry wound in his chest and informed me it exited out his rear end. I did not ask to see the exit wound. By the way, agent Perry, he was alive when he did this.

  • In the courts of law, as well as, public opinion this is not germane to the issue. What does this have to do with Files’ assertion he killed Kennedy?

Dave, you just got to use better false information when you're doing disinfo for the agency. If you continue to use such poor, weak lies, people will stop calling you for "expert" consultation on the JFK public execution....folks like Posner. Then again, I'm sure the checks you receive from Langley don't bounce.

Bye, Dave....come back anytime. And please give my regards to Gary Mack or whatever his real name is....I hear Gary changed his name when he came to Texas from Arizona. Is this true? If so, what IS Gary Mack's real name? Or is it classified? Or could he be hiding from an ex-wife....?

And to Greg Jaynes.....

NEVER send a boy to do a man's job, son.

Bob Vernon aka Dr. Truth

  • Remember my previous remarks about the child who screamed and turned blue? Here we have a grown man (Dr. Truth?), someone who claims he’s a legitimate investigator of the assassination in rebuttal using derogatory and irrelevant terms such as agent, ho-hum, weak lies,  bye . . come back anytime, one of your poorer disinfo pieces, false information, I really hate to bring this up and I'm sure the checks you receive from Langley don't bounce. Did he engage in similar diatribe with The New York Post, Chicago Sun-Times and Melbourne Florida Today?

  • In his "conclusion," if it can be called that, and for no apparent reason Vernon attacks Gary Mack * perhaps because I visited The Sixth Floor Museum research center where Gary is the archivist, and Greg Jaynes, who merely notified people of my article. With responses such as above to legitimate concerns about the validity of Files' confession, is it any wonder the story sits in limbo. If you feel Mr. Vernon, who has, in my view, reduced the Files debate to character assassination, is an acceptable spokesman for the pro-conspiracy position, so be it.

* Incidentally Gary and his ex-wife, whom I know, have a friendly relationship and are enjoying their son's progress in the music profession. Gary's professional name, a common practice among performers and writers, was acquired during his disc jockey days in the 60's and 70's.

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