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Can you have a lone gunman and a conspiracy? Yes - because that is exactly what happened in the Lincoln assassination. John Wilkes Booth was the lone assassin but four others including Mary Surratt were executed on Friday, July 7, 1865. Four more were sentenced to life in prison in the Dry Tortugas.


"It will be pretended that this foul murder was the work of maniac, or the result of a combination gotten up by crazy fanatics."

Sunday Morning Chronicle ~ Sunday, April 16, 1865

Washington, D.C. newspaper on the Lincoln assassination

Yet another president has circumvented the law:Public law 102-526 Oct 26,1992

Federal Register Publication (B) All postponed assassination records determined to require continued postponement shall require an unclassified written description of the reason for such continued postponement. Such description shall be provided to the Archivist and published in the Federal Register upon determination.


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My Take On Paul Landis and The Final Witness

Did you ever notice that blockbuster information about the John Kennedy assassination comes out just before the anniversary?

There was a spate of surprising disclosures appearing just before the 2003 and 2013 anniversaries of the assassination. Curiously they never showed up in January or February but always within months of November 22nd.

The latest revelation:

“Paul Landis, an 88-year-old former Secret Service agent who witnessed the president's death at close range, says in an upcoming memoir that he took a bullet from the car after Mr. Kennedy was shot, and then left it on the former president's stretcher at the hospital.”

"He picked it up and pocketed it. Shortly after, in his recollections, he was in an emergency room with President Kennedy, where he said he placed it on the president's gurney so evidence would travel with the body."

"This is really the most significant news in the assassination since 1963," said James Robenalt, a historian and Kennedy expert who worked with Mr Landis to prepare him for his public revelations."

Kayla Epstein   BBC News   09/13/2023

This appears to be another case where, after 60 years, someone's memory changes and facts become distorted. Excuses are given, mostly by Mr. Robenalt as to why Landis didn't treat this crucial piece of evidence properly. There are claims of PTSD and "There was no one there to secure the scene." I would expect, as a government law enforcement official, that securing the scene would be part of Mr. Landis' job.

Additionally, we discover Mr. Robenault, "worked with Mr. Landis to prepare him for his public revelations." Wouldn't that make Mr. Robenalt the equivalent of a literary agent?

What I quote below is the current law regarding tampering with evidence. I would think a trained Secret Service agent would know what to do with evidence related to a criminal offense. Of course, this new disclosure will cause more questioning and debate of the single bullet theory. It will most certainly help sell the book.

When Ruth Paine delivered Lee Oswald's wedding ring to the Secret Service, the agents placed it in an envelope and tagged it with an identification number. In my opinion, Landis should have done the same thing with CE-399 (q.v.).


Federal law (18 U.S.C. Section 1519) prohibits tampering with evidence related to a federal investigation or bankruptcy proceeding. The elements of the crime include:

  • Acting with knowledge
  • To alter, destroy, mutilate, conceal, cover up, falsify, or to make a false entry in any record, document, or tangible object
  • With intent to impede, obstruct, or influence
  • An investigation or the proper administration of any matter

Conviction of a federal tampering offense is a serious matter. It can result in a fine and/or prison time of up to 20 years.

State offenses cover similar grounds. Texas Penal Code Section 37.09 sets forth the crime of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. Its elements include:

  • Knowing that an investigation or official proceeding is pending or in progress
  • A person alters, destroys, or conceals any record, document, or thing with intent to impair its verity, legibility, or availability as evidence or
  • Makes, presents, or uses any record, document, or thing with knowledge of its falsity and with intent to affect the course or outcome of the investigation or proceeding

This offense is a third-degree felony. A conviction can result in a sentence of two to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. A separate section of the law creates a misdemeanor tampering offense where a person observes a human corpse under circumstances that would make a reasonable person believe that a crime occurred and does not notify law enforcement officers. Conviction of this lesser offense can carry up to one year in prison and a fine of $4,000.

Dave Perry  09/17/2023


The Babushka Lady, her camera and Jada

Five Documents to Keep It Simple

The Skinny on "Tosh" Plumlee from the FBI files

Did the CIA Impersoniate Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City?

Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Tool of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)?

Gary Mack

July 29, 1946 - July 15, 2015

To Criticize Gary Mack ~ CTKA Resorts To Revisionist History

A point for some conspiracy buffs and James Files apologists to consider:

If you truly believe and support the James Files' story as accurate then Barr McClellan is wrong in trying to convince us Lyndon Johnson was behind the assassination, Ray and Mary LaFontaine were duped into thinking there was something of importance in John Elrod's statements, Judyth Baker created a ficticious tale, Madeleine Brown's party story is false, all of Nigel Turner's The Men Who Killed Kennedy evidence is bogus, Dr. James Fetzer and many of his colleagues see things in the Zapruder film and on the "Grassy Knoll" that are not there, and Jim Garrison, from 1967 - 1969 with the assistance of Oliver Stone, in 1991, destroyed an innocent man.

Did Ruth Paine Own A Black Rambler Station Wagon? - Simply Put The Answer Is NO!

Who Is Dave Perry?
Dave's biography
The Rashomon List
Dedicated researchers have narrowed the field of shooters and accomplices to 68!

He Never Had a Chance

D Magazine's November 1998 version of Dave Perry's Rashomon list as a visual.



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CBS News Oswald Ring Video (October 22, 2013)


Articles Below Appear In Alphabetical Order

Baker, Judyth ~ She claims she had a love affair with Lee Harvey Oswald and was a friend of David Ferrie - but conclusive proof is lacking.                      
Marina Oswald , Judyth Baker & Lee Harvey Oswald
The reason why you never got an invitation to the wedding.
Judyth & the Clinton incident
Is Judyth Baker a fugitive from justice?
More On David Ferrie
Peter Levenda discusses David Ferrie's religious leanings.

One Day In Dealey Plaza

The contradictions between the stories of James Files and Judyth Vary Baker

Judyth Baker And Her Bethesda Towel "Discovery"

Judyth is wrong. The Navy does use the caduceus.

Bledsoe "Police Report" - Prior to the assassination were Oswald and Ruby arrested together at Mary Bledsoe's rooming house as John Armstrong , Jim Marrs, and Jack White claim?                  
A CTKA Story
John Armstrong, Jim Marrs, and jack White appear duped by the phony "Bledsoe" police report.
The hoax perpetrators come forward
What the creators of the "police report" have to say.
A copy of the phony document
The Bledsoe "police report"as a .jpg image.
Frank Mote, the FBI, and Jack White
Who is Frank Mote and how did he get involved?

Bowers, Lee ~ An investigation of Lee Bowers not so mysterious death.              
Lee Bowers ~ Now It Can Be Told
Claimed as a mysterious death - he was most likely the victim of his allergies.

Lee Bowers Death Certificate


Brown, Madeleine ~ Madeleine claimed she went to a pre-assassination party/conference, was Lyndon Johnson's mistress, and gave birth to Johnson's son.              
It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To!
The real story of the November 21, 1963 party at the Murchison home.
Texas In The Morning Imagination
The truth about Madeleine Brown and her son Steven.

The Case of Steven Brown Johnson Ragsdale

Just who did Madeleine Brown claim was Steven's father?

Richard Hooke on Madeleine and Steven Brown

Richard you are wrong!

Where Was Richard Nixon?
Certainly not where Madeleine Brown claimed he was!

Brown, Pamela ~ Ms. Brown is not happy with the Discovery Channel's JFK: Inside the Target Car.
Pamela McElwain-Brown and JFK: Inside the Target Car
It would appear Ms. McElwain-Brown uses logical fallacy to prove logical fallacy.
Pamela McElwain-Brown
Ms. McElwain-Brown has a beef with the Discovery Channel but not enough to keep from cashing their check!

Brown, Ray "Tex" ~ Tex claims he taught Oswald and Ruby how to shoot in a field near Lake Worth, Texas.                                            
Dave's Review of Broken Silence
"Tex" Brown's story falls apart when you consider the Daylight Savings Time problem.

Brown, Dr. Walt ~ Using questionable fingerprint evidence Dr. Brown claims Malcolm Wallace was an assassin.
Walt Brown and His Fingerprint Evidence
Let's compare Dr. Brown's 1998 statements and claims to those of 2003.
Somebody PLEASE call Gil Grissom!
Will Dr. Brown's fingerprint "evidence" ever be resolved?
Walt Brown and Dan Rather's evidence issues
The use of photocopies as prima facie evidence can cause problems

Costella, Dr. John & Jack White ~ Costella a Ph.D. in theoretical physics and White a "free-lance art and photography" specialist have written articles claiming the Zapruder film has been forged or altered.
Rain Senseless
Are the rain sensors in Dealey Plaza really listening devices?

Craig, Roger ~ We clear up Mr. Craig's story about his sighting of Ruth Paine's black Nash Rambler station wagon.                                
Roger Craig ~ The Rambler Man
Roger Craig and the errors surrounding the make and model of Ruth Paine's car.

Discovery Channel
Dave's technical notes on JFK Conspiracies air date November 19, 2003

Elrod, John ~ Wherein a 31-year-old alcoholic and short order cook claimed he occupied the jail cell next to Lee Harvey Oswald.                                      
John Elrod: Does He Know Anything?
The LaFontaines claim he does but they should have checked the jail layout first.
The Robert Harris Effect
Mr. Harris disagrees with my conclusions so I become a "lone nutter."

Factor, Loy ~ A Chickasaw Indian confessed before he died that he was involved in the assassination.                                                  
A Few Good Men
Glen Sample and the Loy Factor/Malcolm Wallace story.

Files, James a.k.a. James Sutton claims he says he was the infamous "Grassy Knoll" assassin ~ also Bob Vernon and Wim Dankbaar                     
The Files Moasic
How did a disputed investigation become the centerpiece of Wim Dankbaar's solution of the Kennedy assassination?
Ten reasons why the Jim Files story needs help
Ten questions about the case for you to ponder.

The Real Wim Dankbaar?

A link to the Citizens for Justice site detailing Mr. Dankbaar's problems with the Dutch courts.

Files indicates there was a Motorcade Route change
James Files is WRONG. Here you will find all the newspaper accounts.
Files claims he used a Remington XP-100 pistol
An in depth study of Jim Files' miracle pistol.
Another "dent" in the James Files' tale?
First there were problems with the XP-100 now it's the cartridge.

Justice Denied

Under the rule of law no court would find Files guilty - here is why.

James Files - The Early Days?
James Files' July 30, 1992 letter to "Certified Legal Investigator" Joe West.
Two Books
The contradictions between the books Files on JFK and JFK and Sam (Giancana)

General Information
Becoming a Critical Thinker
The tools you need to think critically.
Conspiracy Theorists and the Lone Nutters
The lesson learned of James Frey and A Million Little Pieces.

Guilding the Lilly

If your James Chaney witness theory doesn't fit the next thing to do is skew the "facts."

Help I'm Pro-Conspiracy!
When you find a conspiracy, what do you do next?

The Strangest Police Report of All

There are only two bona fide police reports. One is on Oswald. Here is the other.

History America 2002 Tour
Guides & Guests for the 2002 Six Seconds in Dallas tour
Newsgroups ~ What Newsgroups?
Is there really any news on the JFK newsgroups?
Skeptic's Dictionary
A link Robert Todd Carroll's web site

Hill, Jean ~ a.k.a. "The Lady in Red" Hill appears in the Zapruder film (Frame 298). Her claims about what she saw became more fanciful as the years went by.                 
Did Jean Hill Change Her Story?
Jean Hill clearly fogot her television interview of November 22, 1963.

Holt, Chauncey ~ Holt is best known for his unsupported confession of his involvement in the JFK assassination claiming he drove mob hitmen Charles Nicoletti and Leo Moceri to Dallas.
Who Is Chauncey Holt?
His story was exposed as a fraud when the "three tramp" arrest records surfaced.

Jones, Penn ~ The Midlothian (TX) Mirror newspaper owner and author of the Forgive My Grief series of paperbacks published in the late 1960s. Jones was prone to making things up.                
Penn Jones Jr. ~ A Government Agent!
Penn Jones Jr. claimed he helped put Ruby stripper Karen Carlin into the Witness Protection Plan!
Penn Jones Jr. ~ A Followup
More on Penn Jones Jr. and Karen Carlin a.k.a. Little Lynn.

Jordan, Phillip ~ Ricky White claimed Jordan was the "Mexico City Man" shown in Warren Commission document CD 1048. He wasn't but he was a "self employed auto upholsterer who worked from his house."
Phillip Jordan a.k.a. "Mexico City man" a.k.a. Saul
Phillip Jordan is not the "Mexico City man" or "Saul" as Ricky White claimed.

LaFontaine, Ray and Mary ~ Both started out beliving the Ricky White story but then they distanced themselves.                          
Desperado why don't you come to your senses? (Part 1)
The LaFontaines claim they didn't buy the Ricky White story but . . . .
Desperado why don't you come to your senses? (Part 2)
More ammended history from the LaFontaines.

Liggett, John ~ A Dallas area mortician and alleged body "reconstruction expert", whom some members of his family claim was tied into the JFK cover-up.         
A Second Murder In Dealey Plaza
The Reinvention of John Liggett
I Shot and Killed John Liggett
Letter from Joseph Crawford, Jr.

Mellen, Joan ~ A professor of English and creative writing who became enamored with Jim Garrison's relentless search for the truth. Some consider her a Jim Garrison apologist.                    
A Farewell To Footnotes
Joan Mellen's defense of Jim Garrison. Does it pass the extrodinary claims test?

Men Who Killed Kennedy ~ Information related to the show's input from Walt Brown, Barr McClellan, et. al.
The Guilty Men
Here you will find more revisionist history from Mr. Turner and his associates.
Walt Brown's Clarification
The text of Dr Brown's clarification regarding Blood, Money, and Power

Motorcade Route ~ Stories about last minute changes in the motorcade route are complete fabrications.
James Files indicates there was a Motorcade Route change
James Files is WRONG. Here you will find all the newspaper accounts.
More "Last Minute Changes"
Mr. Plumlee, Mr. Files, and Jim Garrison, revise history, Dallas streets, and the Dallas Morning News

Oliver, Beverly ~ The self professed but unproven "Babushka Lady" that appears in Zapruder frame 285 and Muchmore #18.                           
Beverly Oliver & the Martin Luther King assassination
Beverly saw Ruby and Oswald together. Now James Earl Ray's "Raoul" was there too!
An interesting quote from the book Ruby's Girls
Beverly Oliver needs to explain this quote!

O'Reilly, Bill ~ There are some problems with Bill's 2012 book Killing Kennedy .

Really Mr. O'Reilly

Bill may have embellished his whereabouts when George de Mohrenschildt committed suicide.

Oswald, Lee Harvey ~ Information about the discovery of his wedding ring.                                
Is this Lee Oswald's wedding ring?
It appears a law firm in Fort Worth, TX has Oswald's wedding ring.
Coming full circle?
Hugh Aynesworth's 09/01/2004 Washington Times article about Oswald's wedding ring.

Brad Meltzer’s Lost History

Oswald’s Lost Wedding Ring Program Errors ~ Air Date12/01/2014

Posner, Gerald ~ His book Case Closed was selected as finalist for the Pulitzer prize in the History category (1994) - but not so fast.                                   
Case Closed . . . Not!
In my view Gerald Posner manipulated some of the facts to suit his conclusion.

Prouty, Fletcher ~ A retired United States Air Force colonel, he became a critic of the covert activities of the CIA and inspired the character "Mr. X" in Oliver Stone's movie JFK.

March 1, 2016 as to Fletcher Prouty's claim of a Christchurch Star "Extra" edition

Mr. "X" Gets It Wrong
We answer the late Colonel Fletcher Prouty's questions about the "unknown" Lee Harvey Oswald.

Tippit, J. D. ~ The Dallas policeman who was shot and killed execution style shortly before Oswald's arrest.
Tippit Evidence ?
A chart of evidentiary problems in the Tippit shooting with additional commentary by Dale Myers.

Vaughn, Roy ~ Did Roy Vaughn knowingly let Jack Ruby down the ramp to the police department basement?

Robert Groden, Jack Ruby and Roy Vaughn

Robert Groden thinks Roy Vaughn lied - he is wrong

White, Roscoe ~ A review of the "evidence" provided by the JFK Assassination Information Center and Ricky White that Oliver Stone concluded was a "publicity seeking hoax."                

Who Speaks for Roscoe White?
If he was guilty we would know by now and Jim Files would be innocent.
Hey Ralph Thomas ~ Rosco Who?
Mr. Thomas makes too many assumptions about the White case and spells Roscoe's name wrong.
Articles relating to the JFK Assassination Information Center press conference of 08/06/90
Quotations from Ricky White And others during the August 6, 1990 press conference
Dave's notes from the September 1 and 2, 1990 "damage control" conferences
Dave's notes from the September 4, 1990 Jim Marrs' Ricky White meeting at the University of Texas at Arlington
The Roscoe White Curse ~ Jack White uses Deductive Fallacy and False Premise to "prove" press conference mysterious deaths.



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